DAY 2 - “TRI" Wisdom Day

Sat, June 29th 2019.

MODULE 4: Knowing Yourself

By understanding motives and personal values, campers will be provided with a firm foundation to build the leadership skills that best suits their individual leadership style. Through personality and leadership self assessment tests, students will benefit from guided self-evaluation to determine the management style that best fits their leadership goals. As part of the self-assessment, we will also consider how to best communicate with other types of leaders.

1. Letter to myself - workshop

Module 4 - Knowing Yourself

2. What color are you?

What Colors Are You

MODULE 5: Leadership Planing and Organizing


LU: Sáng tạo ra một đề tài sinh hoạt


(1) giới thiệu về mình, chú trọng về vai trò người huynh trưởng.

(2) nói về một GĐPT tại địa phương

MODULE 5: Leadership Communication.

Develop communication skills unit instills confidence and develops effective interpersonal skills through fun and interactive public speaking exercises; using dharma, games topics.

Living in Harmony
LU 2019 - Building Connection Workshop